G Suite

Tools for collaboration and productivity

  • Work with your tools wherever you are and on any device.
  • Organize your meetings efficiently.
  • Share your agendas in a snap.
  • Launch a video conference with a single click.
  • Work on a document with others at the same time.
  • Create spreadsheets and presentations ─ it’s all easier than ever.
  • Manage security and sharing rules from an administration console that is both simple and efficient.

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Professional Cloud messaging

Regardless of your location or your device, consult, send and receive messages with ease. Add attachments, or consult and save them without having to worry about their size. With its appealing web interface, its filter tools and rich classification system, and its discussion threads and powerful search functions, you won’t lose any more time searching for messages. Finally make messaging more enjoyable.

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Google Calendar
A planning tool for teams

Synchronize all of your events on different devices, share your agendas with colleagues, use the time zone options to connect better with colleagues and add documents directly to your events calendar. You also won’t lose any more time searching for meetings thanks to integrated Google Search functions. Google Agendas provide everything a company needs to organize and coordinate their activities efficiently.

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Audio and video calls

Since it is completely integrated with other tools, Google Hangouts is an application that takes collaborative work to new heights. In a single click, launch a chat or video call with a collaborator. By being integrated in your events calendar, Hangouts makes organizing online meetings and video conferences easier. Since it is possible to easily share your screen, giving a presentation remotely has never been more practical.

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Google Meet

All of the necessary Cloud-based office tools

Google Docs is an innovative and revolutionary way to work together. Multiple people can work on the same document in real time: you see the changes appear right before your eyes! No more problems with versions. There’s more: documents are permanently auto-saved on Google Drive, which eliminates the risk of accidentally losing work that’s already been completed.


Google Docs

Word processing in real time, made to work together more efficiently.


Google Sheets

Advanced spreadsheets with the possibility of creating graphics easily and publishing data in a practical way.


Google Slides

Professional-quality presentations with practical features.


Google Slides

Powerful online forms, as easy to create as text documents. With their clear interface, these are the ideal tools for conducting surveys. With integrated compilation functions, drawing conclusions based on results has never been this easy.


Google Slides

Websites for teams, created in all simplicity.

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A high performing Cloud-based File Server

Designed to offer the highest level of security and practical sharing functions, Google Drive allows you to classify and store all of your documents, making your personal, school and work life simpler. Find all of your documents wherever you are, on any device with an internet connection. In short, this environment allows you to work wherever and however you want.

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Google Drive
Admin Console
Simple and convenient tool to manage your environment

Whether you need to add or delete users, configure groups, define security options such as a two-step authentication or a single sign-on, the Google administrative console makes life easier. You can also manage your employees’ Android and iOS mobile devices and third-party applications within your domain. With advanced functions and report options, you can monitor activities wherever you are.

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High-level E-Discovery solution

To respond to compliance requirements or audit requests, Google Vault offers the ability to manage and archive your company’s emails and chats. And by ensuring that this process respects the regulating legal framework, you can determine the rules that apply to your situation and conduct the necessary information searches by relying on the power of Google technology.

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Google Vault

G Suite Features

S&E Cloud Experts Professional Gmail for your business
S&E Cloud Experts Collaborate on documents in real time
S&E Cloud Experts Full office productivity & collaboration suite
S&E Cloud Experts Integrated calendars keep everyone in sync
S&E Cloud Experts Videoconferencing for your business
S&E Cloud Experts G Suite Experts on Call
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Work from anywhere, on any device
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Security and control that counts
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite

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Trusted advisor for cloud solutions & services

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Installing, configuring, and migrating

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User training & documentation

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Support & help-desk services. Elevated support priority with Google. As a Google partner, we have privileged access.

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Providing integrated 3rd party productivity solutions

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Security Management

Offering cloud security services (e.g., 2-factor authentication)

S&E Cloud Experts

Message Policy Management

Centrally manage e-mail policies, compliance & archiving

S&E Cloud Experts

Storage backup

Providing data backup & disaster recovery

S&E Cloud Experts

Mobile Device Management

Viewing and managing synced devices centrally

S&E Cloud Experts

Remote Management

Remotely wipe, lock & manage connected devices

S&E Cloud Experts

Service Monitoring

Monitoring activity to help fully utilize G Suite

S&E Cloud Experts


Providing customizable templates for presentations, Google Sites, etc.

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