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What’s included in G Suite?

S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite
Unlimited storage
All your emails and files under the same roof
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite
Freedom to work from anywhere with any device
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite
Wide range of tools for your conversations and videoconferences
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite
Admin tools
Enhanced reporting, centralized administration and ease of use
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite
Security and control
Data loss prevention, email and file retention for all users
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite
Reliable and affordable
A strategic and sustainable technological investment
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Gmail
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Drive
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Agenda
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Meet
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Contacts
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Groups
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Docs
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Sheets
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Slides
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Forms
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Sites
S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite Vault

Discover Google G Suite and its functionalities

Authorized Google G Suite Reseller Fredericton

Access and learn about the Google G Suite with an authorized Google G Suite reseller in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Do business with an authorized and certified Google partner and get in-company training sessions for your business.

An authorized Google G Suite reseller : for improved and sustained performance in your business!
Doing business with an authorized Google G Suite reseller is a guarantee of security and peace of mind for all types of businesses. The Google Reseller gives you access to ongoing technical support, advice and even training that you wouldn’t otherwise have. You can even have a customized training directly in your company in Fredericton.

Our services
When developing in-company training sessions, we promote an approach based on the real needs of companies and not an approach based on demands. Based in Montreal, our team can easily travel to Fredericton, New Brunswick for a workplace G Suite workshops. Here is an overview of what we can do for you:

  • Responsible for all administrative procedures : By doing business with an official Google Apps reseller, you simplify your life by entrusting him with all the administrative procedures: direct debit, invoices grouping subscriptions outside Google, discussion possibilities in case of payment difficulties or errors in licenses, license management and much more!
  • Custom Google G Suite training workshops: Each training and workshop is unique and aims to equip you in a sustainable way so that you perfectly master the Google G Suite. We’ll also explore every component of the Google G Suite for Business with you: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Agendas, Google Sheets and more.
  • Email and Data Migration and Transfer : Start your transition to Google G Suite with a complete email and data migration from services like Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Microsoft Office 365. We transfer your data quickly and discreetly, minimizing the impact on your workflow and your employees.
  • Custom Development : We can also develop for you sector-specific cloud strategies and solutions, as well as applications and scripts integrated into Google G Suite for Business.
  • Google G Suite Technical Support : If you encounter a technical problem while using Google G Suite for Business, contact us immediately. As an official dealer, we will help you overcome your obstacle, but we will also explain how to avoid the same problem in the future.

Any questions?
Do you want to benefit from doing business with an authorized Google G Suite reseller? Would you like to know more about our services for your business in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada? We invite you to contact us immediately and we will be happy to give you all the information you need as soon as possible.

S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite

Why choose S&E Cloud?

S&E Cloud Experts will accompany your organization in every step of your Google G Suite migration

  • S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite
    Certified Google Partner
  • S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite
    Certified team
  • S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite
    Simple & efficient migration
  • S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite
    Smooth & painless transition
  • S&E Cloud Experts - Google G suite
    Digital transformation

Your success. Our expertise

Deploying a G Suite environment is more than a project. Our digital transformation strategy is fully aligned with your corporate objectives allowing your team to benefit from an unveiled collaborative suite of tools. Supported by a smooth and painless integration strategy, your team will be taught how to work with optimized tools and enhance their methodology.

Google G Suite licenses and Technical support
Deployment and data migration
Training and accompaniment of the users
Transformation and business process automatisation

Benefits from getting G Suite out of a certified Google partner

When dealing with Google S&E Cloud
Critical system support 24/7  
Wide expertise on integration: CRM, VoIP or any other software  
Google G Suite customized training  
Technical support: Local team, bilingual and available  
Videos, newsletters and workshops to keep you updated with Google G Suite  

Benefits from dealing with a certified Google partner

What we are bringing to the table...

S&E Cloud Experts

Specialized and certified team

  • Qualified, knowledgeable and certified Google Cloud specialists (Engineers, technician, integrators and account managers)
  • Privileged relationship with Google development team.
  • Cloud migration: wide spectrum of experiences throughout many vertical markets

Strategic and sustainable IT investment

  • Our different packages are priced at the exact same rate than what you would pay at Google
  • Rigid technological watch and short, medium and long terms recommandations
  • Expert advice based on indepth analysis
  • Global approach based on change management, investment plan and ROI
S&E Cloud Experts
S&E Cloud Experts

High-level technical support

  • Bilingual and local technical team available during business hours
  • Available technical resources: network architects, engineers and technician
  • Customized technical support bundles (SLA)

Oriented approach

  • Competent and highly experienced change management expertise
  • Inclusive and participative training based on adoption rate growth
  • Admin console optimization based on specific needs
  • Wide range of knowledge resources (Onsite trainer, webinars, transformative labs, newsletter, learning tools, etc.)
  • Progressive and painless integration based on level of understanding of your team
S&E Cloud Experts

Our privileged clientele

S&E Cloud Experts
Public sector
Best opportunity to modernise your IT, reduce your global costs and bring an exclusive collaborative work environment to your team.
S&E Cloud Experts
Not-for-profit organizations
The non-profit organizations benefit from a free access to the Google G Suite environment.
S&E Cloud Experts
Over 60 millions students and teachers use free of charge the Google for Education environment.
S&E Cloud Experts
More than 5 millions businesses moved forward with the G Suite solution allowing their team to work from anywhere with leading-edge security standards.

Success stories

  • G Suite provided our company with an unparalleled portfolio of collaborative tools. This is simply efficient!
    S&E cloud experts
    B.Perreault CEO Cobel Inc.
  • The solutions that were implemented brought our operations to the next level. The collaborative tools also contributed to enhance our productivity.
    S&E cloud experts
    B.Bousquet CEO Agence Archipel
  • Simplifying the access to our data and information, the digital transformation of our business has provided many benefits.
    S&E cloud experts
    H. Girard Beauchamp President Maître Carré

Still not convinced? Here are a few references

Bleublancrouge - Reference HR Strategies - Reference Walmart - References Cinco - Reference AGF Group - Reference archipel-logo

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